Yes. If anything, we believe they’re conservative. The difference between HouseCheck and the typical start-up is that unlike many other start-ups, our product — home inspection — isn’t being invented or re-invented. We are simply stepping into a function that already exists in great volume and making it better. We improve the process in every way for all stakeholders, including agents/brokers, inspectors, and consumers. In this regard, HouseCheck is similar to other companies like Rover, Honk, Porch, and, which have combined valuations of almost $2.2 Billion.

While looking at our financial projections, we suggest focusing on the conversion of inspectors rather than inspections themselves. Many other start-up sales processes revolve around converting a high volume of transactions. However, for HouseCheck, each inspector we convert generates approximately 200 – 400 inspections per year. That allows us to scale quickly.