Of course, all decisions of this magnitude will be addressed and decided by our Board of Directors. However, the following three scenarios encapsulate what we believe to be the most likely exit strategies:

  1.  Hold and Maintain: This business model has the potential to generate such enormous returns for investors that a convincing argument could be made for keeping the company private and continuing to generate cash.
  2. IPO: We believe it’s realistic to imagine offering an IPO in three to five years. This would constitute an exciting liquidation event for investors, especially early investors.
  3. M&A: Once our ramp-up starts to gain momentum, it’s not unreasonable to expect that some of our strategic partners or other players in our industry (such as Porch, HomeAdvisor, OpenDoor, and/or Lowe’s) may make overtures to acquire HouseCheck. Alternatively, the amount of data that HouseCheck collects in the process of conducting millions of home inspections may make our company an acquisition target for large data-centric players such as Google and Amazon, who are actively looking to capitalize on their global brands and infrastructure.