A: HouseCheck leverages strategic relationships with industry leaders to manage many of the operational processes that propel the business model. The benefit here is that many processes that would typically be operational risks in a traditional start-up are instead outsourced to leading service providers in the industry who already provide services to a large percentage of the market. As previously noted, HouseCheck isn’t re-inventing the wheel — we are simply enhancing an existing process.

B: The roll-up concept is popular right now as it relates to securing financing. A number of companies employing this business model across various industries have been very successful, and their experiences have helped form the development of HouseCheck’s business model. We’re not pioneers in terms of business concept, but we are pioneers in bringing this model to the home inspection industry; an almost two billion dollar sector that is ripe for roll-up and standardization.

C: HouseCheck has a mission to make the world a better place. The HouseCheck Foundation is a separate entity with an independent Board of Directors whose objective is to make the home a safe place to live.